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The Book of Mark: Who is the Greatest?

To go up in the kingdom, you go down.
The one who gives their attention to the least of people and serves, gives, loves and invests is truly great. Losing oneself for the sake of the kingdom, for the sake of serving truly great. Not promoting oneself. Not being in the company of the rich and famous. Not having power over people.

Jesus offers a radically different definition of greatness and one in which everyone is capable of achieving! It is not based on comparing or competing. It is based on loving and serving. Jesus' focus is on others.

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The Book of Mark: Who Do You Say I Am?

My profession of faith is not just words, but internal convictions resulting in my confession: Jesus is Lord.

Core Convictions
1. Forgiveness of my sins is only through faith in Jesus, not my works.
2. Lordship implies ownership. My life belongs to God.
3. The Word of God is recognized as the final authority in my life.
4. My purpose in life is to seek first God's kingdom.

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