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All In This Together: Don’t Walk Alone

What we are used to:
For the most part, we are used to walking alone. We tend to walk through our day by ourselves...not in fellowship with the Holy Spirit. We are used to taking on responsibility, carrying burdens, becoming stressed and worried about things coming at us...

The alternative is to learn how to walk with the Holy Spirit.

Three mindsets that need to change for us to better walk with the Holy Spirit and not alone.
My problem --> God's problem
Human doing --> Human being
Presumptuous --> Trusting

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All In This Together

God has designed your spiritual family to feed you, guard you, correct you, support you, train you, empower you, help you and to teach you how to love, forgive, sacrifice, pray, give and serve. You need your spiritual family to be spiritually healthy and your spiritual family needs you.

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The Book of Mark: Who is the Greatest?

To go up in the kingdom, you go down.
The one who gives their attention to the least of people and serves, gives, loves and invests is truly great. Losing oneself for the sake of the kingdom, for the sake of serving truly great. Not promoting oneself. Not being in the company of the rich and famous. Not having power over people.

Jesus offers a radically different definition of greatness and one in which everyone is capable of achieving! It is not based on comparing or competing. It is based on loving and serving. Jesus' focus is on others.

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