Give No Place – Mike Benson

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  1. I absolutely love Mike's opening with the "word" for each of us. The thing you thought was dead is not dead, it gives life. The thing you think lives is actually draining life, IT MUST DIE! So powerful. We need to continually feed on God's Word if we are to grow. The key to victory is the Word. I thought this was powerful too, He who has authority has responsibility. And I have thought and said that before. We have to be more than just hearers. There is no growth if we don't put His Word to action. An unspoken Godly truth is as good as dead if we don't allow the Holy Spirit to use us to get that truth out. I could say so much more as this so spoke to me, but I would only be repeating Mike's message. Just my thoughts. Have a great and fully nutritious day. ?

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