What’s Sunday Like

What's Sunday Like?

Sunday services at 10am

Services last approximately 90 minutes.

Comfortable | not Formal

We come as we are! Whether you are comfortable in blue jeans or a tie, our focus is to bring our hearts to God.

Family | not Strangers

We are a family who strives to love each other. Be prepared for a warm welcome and likely a hug on the way in the door. Everyone needs a spiritual family for encouragement and support.

Upbeat | not Boring

We love getting together - we laugh, we celebrate, we enjoy our time together! Our music, our fellowship, our messages, our children's ministry are all filled with contagious energy, excitement and relevancy to build us up and encourage us in our journey through life together.

Worship | not Ritual

We come to passionately worsrhip Jesus. Our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits all engage in personal and authentic worship. Not only do we enjoy contemporary music, but we also see each person as a part of the Worship team expressing heartfelt love to God.

Transformative | not Routine

Our messages are relevant and transformative. We are weekly challenged to respond to God's word and be transformed. We are active in our growth, embracing God's principles that promote life in us and through us.

Relationship | not Religion

While we value our beliefs and have a clear doctrine, our emphasis is on enjoying a personal relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord. We seek to grow in our reliance on Jesus as opposed to practicing a religion.